Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Girl Interrupted, Peterborough NH

A few days ago Jacob told me that the Holy Spirit works through interruption. 

On an academic level I understood what he was talking about, 
but I have to admit I wasn't sure I wanted it to happen to me. 

(At least not any time soon. I have things to do.)

This morning I had my day pretty much planned out: 

Get Trace ready for school. 
Pick up Owen for carpooling.
Drive both boys to school. 
Go to Nashua for an appointment. 
Make some phone calls. 
Answer some emails. 
Teach a photography lesson. 
Help Trace with homework. 

Really full.
Super busy. 

Then a friend called and asked if she could take me up on an offer I'd made days before. 

Was I possibly free to take her son to story hour? 

(Long pause here.)

I was. 


I was. 

So today I had the privilege to hang out with Connor. 

We went to story hour. 
We went to McDonalds. 
We cleaned out my car. 
We sang in the car. 
We went to the Well School and played on the playground. 

Not only did we get everything done on my list - we actually did MORE! 

I was blessed. 

I was so blessed to be interrupted. 

(I have since learned that Jacob heard about the interruption of the Holy Spirit from Jeff who heard it from Christine Cain. I watched THIS 26 minute video about her ... it was amazing! Totally worth interrupting your evening to watch. Really.)


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