Monday, May 31, 2010

Joni and Paul - Engaged!

Joni started the session by telling me how much she hates getting her photo taken. And, at first she was pretty nervous - but by the end of the session she was having a blast - sitting in tall grass, climbing fences, walking barefoot. 

I think she even forgot to hate having her photo taken :) 

That's what engagement sessions are all about - getting used to the camera, seeing how beautiful you really are, and then having some beautiful photographs of the two of you together.

I met Joni and Paul at the Country Bridal's Wedding Expo in Rindge. We hit it off right away - not only do Paul and Joni have two Golden Retrievers (I'm totally an animal girl!) but check out Joni's nails - I LOVE THEM! For the engagement she had her nails paointed with ornate purple flowers and swirls. It's so wonderful when people express unique style and personal creativity! 

Joni and Paul will be married at Hidden Hills in Rindge - their colors will be red, black and white! I am so excited about the wedding - I'm also excited to see what Joni's nails will look like :) 



Sunday, May 30, 2010

Robert and Melissa (and Nemo) are Married!!!

Robert and Melissa were married at Hamilton Hall Salem, MA, on May 29, 2010. I had the pleasure of meeting Robert and Melissa and Sage and Don's wedding. 

In addition to a beautiful location - with an outdoor-park-ceremony, the wedding was filled with DANCING! 

Robert and Melissa are AMAZING dancers - their wedding included a dance instructor who taught Contra Dancing to the crowd - including children. I love it when weddings include fun for the entire family!

Will and I had soooo much fun photographing the twirls, smiles, bumps, and grace of all the dancers. 

Instead of a bridal party, Melissa had a bridal posse! It was a great idea - the girls helped her get ready but didn't have to wear matching tacky dresses. 

Thank you Robert and Melissa for allowing BCV to be part of your wedding!! 


Friday, May 28, 2010

Karger/Snook Family

This past weekend when we stayed in NJ, we had the pleasure of couch surfing at The Karger Family's home in Morristown. 

In appreciation of the hospitality (and wonderful brunch - which included whitefish salad) ... Will and I photographed the family... Zia is less than one week old in these pictures. Sarah hopes to use the images at her baby naming in June. 

I must share with you one thing, Zia's great-grandfather - Hank - said to me, "You better take those photos fast before my ass gets cold." 

I wish I could work that line into a slogan :) 

Thank you so much Louise, Dan, Beck, Sarah, Nathan, Zia, Hank, and Noa. 

Here are some of the photographs... If you would like to see more the Karger/Snook family is one of the featured families on BCV's photo gallery site. 




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