Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Erin and Donnie - rock the dress (and green lantern rings) ... sneak peek!

When you meet Erin and Donnie you know one thing right away... they are best friends! 

Not only do Erin and Donnie love each other ... but they down right DIG each other. 

They joke, tease, flirt, kiss ... they inspire me. 

I loved shooting Erin's rock the dress, because she looked so beautiful AND... I loved seeing Donnie and Erin together. 

You'll see what I mean. 

(Side note: If I could magically make a song play while you look at these photos it would be this one: You Got a Friend in Me - Randy Newman.)


Erin Rose said...

Love it! You're awesome :)

Anonymous said...

jordan said COOL

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