Monday, June 27, 2011

The Barn...

My Aunt owns a barn and 70-some-odd acres in up-state, NY.

I don't know if this type of vacation is for everyone, but it is for us.

One week ago we loaded kid and dogs into the car for 5-hour trek. 

There are no flush toilets.

There is no T.V.

No stove.

No dishwasher.

We do not miss these things.

At night we listen to music and read.

We drink wine, and lay on blankets in the grass, feel the wind, and watch the amazing firefly show.

We swim.

We laugh.

We get dirty.

So far we have seen deer, kestral, otters, and painted turtles.

We have caught (and eaten) crappie, sunfish, and shiners.

It has been the best time of my life.

(For those who are interested, I took these images with the 5D and my 50 mm lens. I have only slightly edited these images. The strange coloration on the dog photos I created by shooting through sunglasses. And, except for the bath photos, I used no flash.)


Karen Borozinski said...

I don't know where to begin, except to say your pictures tell the story. They are beautiful and Trace is one lucky kid - well . . . . . . . OK, I know not "lucky." I am just so happy God made the three of you a family. I love you!!!

Bruce said...

.....Wow, how fortunate am i that your aunt (Christine) shared this with me.......your work....beyond fantastic......of cource, this place called central N Y you beautiful study, adding your family, happy much for my limited vocabulary........btw, my name is Bruce, 5 years ago i made the move.......Westchester N Y to these hills where i belong.......

Karen Barrows said...

These images are so wonderful. The first time through I focused on the narrative ones, especially loving the dripping wet toes hanging out of the bathtub and the leaping dog with your son hidden behind him. Today, I'm drawn to the images of light and how the mood changes throughout the day. You are such a gifted storyteller, Amanda. Thank you for this beautiful posting!

Andi said...

Really love these. I love how simple and universal they are. That's my kind of vacation, too.

Martha said...

Wow. So inspiring! These are the pictures I only dream of taking! I love all of the little moments you've captured, those memories will never be forgotten. I agree with Karen, you are a gifted storyteller!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amanda---your old aunt Ann here. I'm viewing some of your overflowing talents and am thrilled with your photos. You have captured the essence of living in and with nature and that photo of "Trace in boots" ties all the photos together---the love, the comfort and the belonging---with and in that beautiful environment. My thanks to T for having sent me your site.

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