Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Photography... My Thing...

 For a long time I wanted to be Michael Jordan, or Tiger Woods, or Einstein, or maybe even Cindy Crawford. It's not that I wanted to be a professional athlete, a supermodel, or a genius... I didn't want to win a Nobel Peace Prize, or get a corporate sponsorship... 

I wanted what these people had... I wanted to find the thing that I was meant to be doing. 

In order to achieve this goal I got a Masters Degree, taught college writing, took horse back riding lessons, learned to cook with polenta, got published in magazines and books, wrote for the newspaper, worked as a child abuse investigator, traveled, completed a 1/2 marathon... 

I kept thinking, "If I could just find my thing... then I would be happy."

Two years ago, frustrated and unsure where to go, I tried (what was for me) a radical approach... I gave up. 

I prayed for God to help me find what I was suposed to be doing.

And then, instead of trying more stuff, I just tried to look at what was in front of me.  

That year I started my photography business.

I did 36 weddings. With no advertising.

But it wasn't until yesterday, after Trace's teacher asked if I would take photos for the class Christmas gift, I realized...

I found it.

I take photos. 

It's what I do. 

It's my thing. 


Anne Marie Loiselle said...

these are adorable! :)

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